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Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd.

Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheel

About Us

Wukawa Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and we mainly produce power accessory parts, acceleration exhaust pipes, and transmission systems which are used for motorcycles. We also further upgrade our equipment to produce various types of parts to be in the leading of the athletic field. Our brand image has been built widely. Recently, our company focuses on motorcycle safety and outlook design gradually in order to match the new developing market demands.

We have specialists who are able to provide services depending on individual requests, and matching our customers' demands, and supply custom-made products for the sake of being more close to customers' concern. We set up "exclusive and rare" as our present management goal and ideal.

Meanwhile we imported Japanese special machines in 2008, such as CNC five-axe machines and assembly machines. Our specialists insist on professionalism and enthusiasm to keep providing custom-made services for enterprises and individuals.

Your satisfaction is our affirmation and we sincerely look forward to establishing cooperation with customers with all kinds of related consultation services and product design.

Company Archive
Company Name: Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd. Company Type: Manufacturer ()
Area: Taiwan/New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1993
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Scope: Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheel
Sell Goods: Motorcycles & Parts|Wheel Components
Motorcycles & Parts / Wheel & Tires / wheel & Rims Motorcycles & Parts / Control Components / Rear Mirrors Motorcycles & Parts / Body Components / Brakes